Introduction to solid mechanics

This is a short introduction to solid mechanics based on my own needs for cantilever-like MEMS structures featuring stress, strain and cantilever beams deflection calculations. Do not consider this as a real course, there are plenty of all over internet!
Solid mechanics is based on analytical models. These models involves tensors and matrices calculations. In these pages, these stringent mathematical basics won't be used. Instead, a lot of simplifications and approximations will be done to make things easier. That is another reason not to consider this as a course! But still, what you can find here is enough to solve simple cases with simplified models. The purpose is not to teach solid mechanics, but to help readers to understand what happens and how to play with stress, strain, etc.
Those pages contain equations written with MathML. Please consult this note about MathML support.


  1. Basics of stress and strain calculation
  2. Review of stresses
  3. Beam structures
  4. Forces applied on a beam
  5. Moment applied on a beam
  6. Variable section beam
  7. Composite beam