Matthieu Lagouge's PhD in MEMS / Microtechnology

Design, fabrication and characterization of SU8-based microactuators for manipulation of micro-objects in wet environment and extraction from a wet to a almost-dry environment

This section provides informations about my PhD in MEMS and microtechnology, consisting in design, simulation, fabrication and test of MEMS devices, and including SU8 microtechnology development. It was done in the Silicon Microsystem Group at IEMN in France. It was co-funded by the French National Center for Scientist Research (CNRS) and the french region Nord-Pas-de-Calais council. Here you can find my thesis (in french) and a short description of the project.


Abstract of the thesis

The development of microsystems technologies has enabled the emergence of devices able to manipulate and make measurements on microobjects using different techniques. This study proposes a contribution to microobject manipulation tools, built using SU8 photoresist made actuators and microchannels etched in silicon.
The first proposed system is a polycrystal silicon and SU8 photoresist based microprobe, equipped with a tip, that is designed to enter into a microchannel and perform electrical measurements on microobjects. After an inital design stage, the fabrication process and testing of the device are proposed.
This first step allows to go on on a microobject extraction system, from wet to dry environment. This sysem includes a dielectrophoretic conveying system and a SU8 resist and gold based actuator. The design, fabrication and testing shows a high potential in terms of automatizaton for this kind of microsystem.

Complete thesis in french

Why in french?

French Universities require thesises to be written in french. The reason is not to bother the rest of the world, but just because it is our language and they don't want it to disappear from science fields! You can agree or not, but since mine is 279 pages long, I've not translated it in english. So I am sorry for non french speaking people, who can read the project section if they are interested in my work.
If you want more information about it, feel free to contact me at matthieu.lagouge AT


Le développement des technologies microsystèmes a permis l'apparition de composants capables de manipuler et d'effectuer des mesures sur des microobjets, en utilisant des techniques variées. Ces travaux présentent une contribution aux outils de manipulation de microobjets, en s'appuyant sur des actionneurs en résine SU8 et des microcanaux gravés dans le silicium.
Le premier système proposé est une microsonde en silicium polycristallin et en résine SU8 dotée d'une pointe, dont la fonction est de descendre dans un microcanal et effectuer des mesures électriques sur des microobjets. Après une phase de conception, un compterendu de la fabrication et des tests sont proposés.
Cette première étape permet de poursuivre sur un système d'extraction de microobjets d'un milieu liquide vers un milieu sec. Celuici comporte un système de convoyage diélectrophorétique et un actionneur en résine SU8 et or. La conception, la fabrication, et les tests ont permis finalement de démontrer le potentiel en terme d'automatisation d'un tel microsystème.


The thesis is available as a single large PDF file, by separated PDF files, and as soon as possible as an online HTML version.